Nspire Zan 500 body plethysmograph

The ZAN 500 redefines complete Pulmonary Function Testing with the most technologically advanced plethysmograph featuring the extremely low resistance patient breathing circuit utilizing the proprietary VIP flow sensor. Combined with the powerful ZAN-Tech software, the ZAN 500 delivers the ultimate in PFT productivity, value, and investment protection. Long-term stability is ensured with it’s rigid construction using tempered safety glass with excellent temperature transfer characteristics, enhancing signal stability. The patented Numeric Drift Compensation (NDC) automatically reduces environmental interference by approximately 95 percent, ensuring quick stable signals for immediate testing. Practicality is improved with the space-saving articulating door, internal IV hook, electromagnetic door locks, and electronically adjustable breathing circuit support arm which allows the user to adjust the height without needing to stop the test and open the door.


Includes Fujitsu Siemens Control PC, Monitor and all cables. Fully Working.