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Pre-owned, working and in good condition.

All products come with power cable or unless stated.


  • Philips’ most economical cardiograph with best-in-class Philips 12-Lead Algorithm
  • Generates detailed, printed ECGs at any point of care — complete with optional interpretation which highlights areas for review
  • Offers a compact size that’s easy to learn and use

Physician Diagnostic Tools:
-Severity and Interpretive statements: 8 severity levels; 558 interpretive statements

Signal Processing:
– Patient Interface Module: Remove, microprocessor-controlled, digital module provides 5uV resolution
– Sampling Rate: 4000 samples per second per lead wire

– Size: 2 lines X 40 characters
– Resolution: 5 x 7 dot/character
– Technology: LCD

Signal Quality Indicators
– Leads off advisory: displays the label of any loose or disconnected leads/electrodes
– Heart Rate: continuous display of patient heart rate