New Website!

Mike Craven Medical have moved with the times, and reflecting the ever changing nature of the internet and its inherent protocols etc, we have commissioned a complete redesign of our website, which you are viewing now.

Our previous website was functional and allowed us a rudimentary platform on which to publicize our brand, and to offer our products, but it failed to optimize for modern devices such as tablets and smart phones, and was starting to look and feel very dated. Therefore to give our clients the best possible access to our products and services we entrusted our web redesign project to a local company renowned for high end and indeed high profile website projects – Weborchard

Hopefully the visitor will now find a fully functional and far more fluid website experience when they visit us, and we hope the more intuitive and professional layout has enhanced your visit to us. We are highly impressed with the work carried out by Weborchard and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Of course we shall carry on building on our new platform and we hope to keep you at the cutting edge of not only the latest medical equipment, but also the website you purchase it from!